(qwerty) Keyboard reccomendations please

My current (QWERTY!) keyboard is dying. I’m looking to get a new one and as the main thing I use my desktop for is Cubase I thought I’d ask for reccomendations.
I’d love to be able to control my transport from my keyboard as well as maybe programming some macros.
This is all a bit new to me so any advice, or recomendations appreciated.

(Sorry if duplicate, unsurprisingly searching on keyboard bought up very different topics:))

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I tend to go with the cheapest full sized (i.e. with a num-pad) Logitech keyboard I can find. If you are just starting to use Key Commands & Macros there is little need to pay a bunch of money for things like extra buttons. What I’m typing on now cost less than $15 about 5 years ago - does the job fine.


thank you :slight_smile: but but but - how will i spend waay to much money on a keyboard disco show and cherry switches (i dont even know what they are)
this is sound advice thank you

That’s what plug-ins are for

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:laughing: very true.

I agree with Raino except I prefer the illuminated Logitecs. They are thin, professional looking.

There are other keyboards specialized for specific DAWs including Cubase, but I have never seen much of an advantage.

I second this one. I’m on my second one and love it.

I love my logickeyboard that’s specifically made for Cubase: Steinberg Cubase & Nuendo PC Keyboard | Logickeyboard

But it does pretty much lock you into the default Key Command set, plus more pricey than I could bring myself to spend on one.

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Hi everyone, apologies for not replying - I’ve been off line for a while but i just wanted to thank you all for your reccomendations. I will be gitting the logitech as its in my budget and amazon have it. thank you so much

I know I am late to the party here but I have found the perfect qwerty keyboard for my studio and wanted to share. I bought an Azio KB506. It is backlit with large print lettering. Back-lighting makes it easy to see if you have a darkened studio and the large print keys means that my computer-specific eyeglasses still work. The special visible green is awesome but there are gamer colours as well. I rate it 10/10.

Please note,; It doesn’t have the best feel for a 100 wpm touch typist but I’m only at 30 wpm these days.