QWERTY not available when MediaBay is up

When I activate MediaBay he only thing that works on my QWERTY keyboard is the Function keys and the spacebar and #1 on the number pad.
I have no keyboard until MediaBay is closed and everything return to normal.
Oh, the mouse works.
Doesn’t happen in Loop Browser and Sample Browser, everything is just fine.
Only MediaBay.
I’ve reinstalled C6 and 6.0.2 twice and still having issues.
This doesn’t happen on two other friend’s computers.
We’re all on Macs.
Running OSX 10.6.7 2.8 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon with 8G RAM.
What gives?

sounds like you’re activating the virtual keyboard (manual p. 88)

You know what drikpiano?

You’re wrong… about the page number… p 320!

You’re completely right about virtual keyboard but it wasn’t the transport bar version.

It was in the MediaBay, previewing presets via computer keyboard when you activate the “Computer Keyboard Input” button.
Even if you aren’t using that function, as in auditioning audio loops, it is still in the background of MediaBay robbing you of QWERTY. It’s just doing it’s job.


wow, you actually made it to p. 320 already??
After +5 years and 3 versions of Cubase, I’m still stuck at p.100 or so :slight_smile:
At this rate, don’t expect an answer from me before 2025…