[R-11604]Steinberg fix the external FX problems!!!

It is now for years that a massive problem exists with the external FX setup. My forum statements and those of others about this are getting simply ignored in this case. It makes me angry.
The problem: if you import/load other projects with different sound cards, there is no recall possibility for all the external FX settings. You can recall input and output configurations easily but NOT the external FX connections. Why is that no solved until today? There is only the way to reestablish all connections manually. In my case where I have a lot of external FX (great feature otherwise) connected to my Mac soundcards, it is always a time consuming, tedious thing to manually go thru dozens of channels.
Even when I switch my RME MADI card to 96 KHz and back to 44.1/48 it looses the connections - unbelievable! MADI combines two channels to one for 96 and the external FX settings get lost. That would be no problem if they could be later simply recalled - but no go here. Therefore I use an older Nuendo 6 version for the 96 KHz work and 6.5 for the other sampling rates just to avoid the manual reconfigurations of my external FX connections. This is not acceptable and a big drawback when working with Cubase and Nuendo (I have two Cubase 7.5 licences and Nuendo 6.5).