[R-12580]Nuendo 6.5 Automation system

Is it just me or does the Nuendo Automation system still have bugs in it?

I use group tracks for tons of stuff. Whenever I do I frequently write automation to both the group track and to the individual tracks that are associated with it. The problem is with mutes. They never seem to work correctly.

Major waste of time. Sorry to say but it’s pathetic at this point that we don’t have a solid automation system.


I’m very familiar with this bug as I’ve been frustrated by it for many years.

  1. Of course I know about Group Channels: Mute sources as well.

The problem is when the group channel is un-muted from it’s muted state , the channels assigned to the group

don’t pass audio even though they are no longer muted and audio should be heard. This is a bug and Steinberg is well

aware of it they just never fix it or take it seriously. Instead we get suggestions such as yours.

  1. Mute events rather than write mute automation? Yes that’s a work around but not a solution to the problem.

Especially if your workflow involves mute automation which does not follow events. This requires muting new events

that replace the old ones. Not acceptable for a $1700 piece of software designed as an audio application.

well you can use vca grouping for automation and select just mutes…what i want to know is why cant different automation passes get saved with the project, wouldn’t that be the whole idea from it,and it would be nice to have the option to have different automation for track versions,then you can try diff passes of automation