[R-7469] SOLVED: Cubasis import fails in Cubase 7.0.3

Hi all,

Please note that importing Projects from Cubasis (iOS) into Cubase 7.0.3 leads to missing audio files and stability issues. We are currently researching the issue and will provide a solution as fast as possible which will then be rolled out in an Importer or Cubase maintenance update.

In the meantime the only workaround is to import Cubasis projects into Cubase 6.5.x or Cubase 7.0.2. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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EDIT: This problem has been solved with the Cubase 7.0.4 maintenance update.

Hello Helge,

Do you have any updates regarding this topic? I just bought cubasis (iOS) after updating my Cubase Artist to 7.0.3 and I’m unable to import any of my cubasis files (cannot import file, unmatched file) :open_mouth:
Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Phil Unsinn

And could you add a link here for the 7.0.2 update? The links I try take me to the 7.0.3 file



This issue will be solved in the next maintenance update (Cubase 7.0.4) which is coming soon. :slight_smile:


This problem was solved with the Cubase 7.0.4 maintenance update.