R channel signal of stereo group is lost OSX only

The signal from right channel of stereo group is lost when its send to mono group (OSX only)

  1. Create empty project
  2. Add a mono or stereo audio track
  3. Add a one stereo group “Group 1 ST”
  4. Add a one mono group “Group 2 M”
  5. Set the output routing “Group 1 ST” for audio track
  6. Move the panorama to the right side for audio track
  7. Set the output routing “No Bus” for stereo group “Group 1 ST”
  8. In “Sends” of “Group 1 ST” send signal to mono group “Group 2 M”
  9. Open “Inserts” of Audio Track and add TestGenerator (to get a signal)

results - signal lost in mono group “group 2 m”

Play with panorama of audio track to see how signal lost

I was tested this routing on two MAC OS X computers and one Window PC. The signal lost only on MAC OS and Cubase 8, 8.5, Nuendo 7 (Cubase 6 works fine). Cubase 8, 8.5 works fine on Windows 10.

You can download ready Cubase Project here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/atmzs7ml3i05i5j/group-signal-lost.cpr?dl=0

Detailed information:
Mac OSX 10.9.5
Cubase 8.5.15 Build 126 (64bit) - Build on Feb 17 2016
Cubase 8.0.35 Build 565 (64bit) - Build on Nov 24 2015
Cubase 6.0.7 Build 565 (64bit) - Build on Mar 13 2012

this issue is very important for our company…

You moved my issue to “Miscellaneous”… What that means? This issue will never be solved?

Hi Roman,

I have the same problem as yours. Routing one stereo tracks to 2 mono tracks or groups seems to be an impossible task.
Thanks to your testing I know now, that this might be a MacOS problem only.
This is definetely a BUG. Steinberg, could you please solve this issue as quick as possible?!
This is very important for our company as well.

In Nuendo 7.1 the left stereo channel is doubled an send to both mono tracks, even if the Panorama in the Send paths ismoved to thr right. Right channel is lost…

Hi Roman,

maybe this is a matter of the OSX-Version.
I´m having the same problems under Nuendo 7.1 and Yosemite
Unter El Capitan, the same session works flawlessly.

See this post here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=240&t=100744

Thank you Andi. I thought this problem for all MacOS version, by the way everything works ok on Windows 10. Looks like i should migrate to W10, cant update MacOS because of the sound card driver…

Hi Steinberg and Roman,

Just tested the behaviour with MacOS 10.12.3 (Sierra) and Nuendo 7.1.2:
The bug is still existing!

(Don´t know why it seemed to work in El Capitan, maybe coincidence?)