R click color tool

where is the color tool gone??
i can put it in the top toolbar, but there i can only do a single color assign.
the mouse does not become the color tool.
the Alt+click color pick functionality seems gone.
no color tool in the R click menu


All of these are already addressed here on the forum. Search, please.

it was NOT addressed. it was dismissed as not important. it is NOT acknowledged as a bug or mistake or oversight.

as i wrote in that thread:
a functioning tool with a clear workflow has been REMOVED! the point is WHY remove it arbitrarily? yes, there are probably a dozen other ways to facilitate coloring events etc. But the functionality was there fully integrated in a well working manner. and then someone decides to remove it!
a similar change would be to decide to have rotary knobs instead of faders in the mixer. it would still work and looking at old consoles that how it used to be. some people might even prefer that scenario. but WHY would that be done? it just would change the workflow for no reason.
… well… just get used to it… i guess.

this is so unbelievably CRAZY!

I agree with you. But it is not a bug, mistake, or oversight. It was intentionally removed. Why is the big question.

To simplify the application, especially for a beginners (maybe)?

Finally, someone admits it: for beginners maybe!
great, as a professional producer and engineer i now have to suffer the dumbing down of a piece of supposedly professional software (hint: Cubase “PRO”) to accommodate the new, inexperienced users and GUI geeks! ( i was so naive to think that was what Cubase essential or Artist was for. silly me!)
if that is the position of Steinberg then I fell like an idiot to have invested another $150 in a declining software policy that basically gives the finger to users like me!

I sure hope not. I hope that is a guess from Martin.

The same logic was also applied to the reason for the Media Bay auto-scan every time Cubase is started. Along with the auto scan, anything inside your user folder gets automatically checked…even if you have purposely left it unchecked, the next time you start Cubase it’s all checked again.

Someone suggested it’s part of the idiot-proofing of Media Bay.

Anyway I hope they add the color tool back.