R.H. guitar fingerings alignment

The picture says it more clearly than I can. It’s easier to read if the tima’s are lined up one way or another.

The famous book Pumping Nylon has r.h. notations paralleling the beams in some instances, and in others they line them up horizontally no matter what. Paralleling the beams and stem tops is fine. Horizontal is great for when you are focusing on canned fingering patterns.

Two options I would like for r.h. notation placement would be “Note top aligned” (doesn’t care about stem direction), and “Horizontal”. Personally I would altogether avoid placing r.h. notations some above and some below the staff, but YMMV.

To make the ‘t’ and ‘i’ fingerings positioned above the note rather than tucked in next to them, on the Fingering page of Engraving Options, set ‘Minimum horizontal gap between fingering and other item’ to something larger than the default 1/8 space value; even 1/4 space should be enough.

Daniel does it again. Now, looking a gift horse in the mouth, I’ll take a long shot:

As shown in the screenshot, we place the first note of many bars in the stem-down Voice 1. Often there is a rest in place for the first note of the stem-up Voice 1. The most satisfying place to put the r.h. fingering for that first note in the bar (in this case a t) would be right above the initial 1/16th rest of Voice 1, in line with the other r.h. notations.

(You could say that conceptually r.h. fingerings work more like percussion notations. The “player” is the r.h., and he only cares about which string to bang on and when, not the pitch.)

You have us thoroughly spoiled here in Dorico land. To imagine asking the Other Guys for service like this would be laughable.

You could put us on a yearly license like the Other Guys, and I would not bat an eyelash.

But please be as gentle as you can, of course.

Got it got it. As you were. Vertical position: Above staff: Offset xxx. The Tesla version might package this all inside one little on/off configurable.

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