R.H./L.H. make lowercase?

How can I make the hand designations lowercase? The capital letters seem too big to me. Thanks!

Are these being automatically added (I don’t know if this is possible) or are you adding them as default text?

Hi @JamesIV you can easily edit the corresponding playing techniques text:

in write mode, in the Playing Techniques panel on the right (sorry the panel menu icons are cut-out from my picture) expand Keyboard:

  1. click on the + to enter the edit window (it will create a New Playing technique that you can delete), [EDIT: a better way is to go to menu Library/Playing techniques, choose Keyboard and start editing from there]
  2. select the L.H. PT
  3. change the text with lowercase letters,
  4. if you click on the star the changes will become default,
  5. repeat the text editing for the R.H. (and click on the star to make it default),
  6. click ok.
  7. Now you will see that the preview shows lower case letters and if you apply these PT to notes, they will also have lowercase letters. :slight_smile:


Thank you, Christian!

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