R.I.P. Allen Lanier


While I eventually came to love Reaper as much as everyone else when I first heard it I thought, “jeez, BOC has sold out.”


I just played ‘I’m Burning for You’ tonight and I come home to read this.

R.I.P. Allen Lanier.

Wow, what a bummer. I still riff Don’t Fear the Reaper and ETI and a couple others when I’m warming up.

The “Some Enchanted Evening” version of Astronomy is still one of my favorite songs.

I no longer feel Reaper was a sell out and don’t denigrate any band making money by whatever it takes.

Allen, may you rest in peace upon the soft white underbelly of the hereafter, or rock on mightily when the mood strikes. Thanks for the magnificent music.

More power to 'em I say. I especially wish good fortune to those couple of bands that did iPhone and car commercials before they released any music and their careers took off after the exposure. Even though I have a take it or leave it, meh, attitude about Aerosmith I imagine being on American Idol re-invigorated their album sales.

Toys in the Attic and Rocks are the only things they ever did that was interesting in my opinion. But, both albums, especially Rocks, are about as good as 70’s radio rock gets. The stuff they did in the late 80s for Pump and Get a Grip were about as by the numbers as you can get and intentionally so.