R.I.P. Alvin lee

Alvin Lee of Ten Years after passed away on wednesday, ‘I’m Goin’ Home’ indeed :frowning: .


He was one of my favorite guitar player.
His “I’m going home” is legendary :exclamation:

Another great musician has gone by :cry:

Sad to see another one gone…

R.I.P. Alvin.

He wasn’t all that old these days. He was one of my favorites back then. Saw Ten Years After once long ago; they were very good live. R.I.P.

R.I.P. Alvin :frowning: .

The article I just read said he died unexpectedly and suddenly during a routine surgery. Sad indeed.

I was due to do a track with him years ago. I was gutted when it fell through. RIP

I was always a bit intrigued by him; can’t say why exactly. Great musician. RIP

RIP, Alvin…

I saw him once. Man, he was fast player. Rest in piece now Alvin.


I was always amazed at his hybrid picking skills. I’ll miss his stuff for sure.

My formative years we lived in south Miami, Florida. It was 1967 and there was a place on Miami Beach called " The Image". If I remember correctly it was a small bowling alley at one point but had the interior set up with day-glo lighting , paints and posters . The time of Hendrix, Cream, Jefferson Airplane. It was 1967… I was turning 15 and new to the “age of awakening” . There were about 45 or 50 people in this club that night and the band on the stage was Ten Years After. Their Stonehenge album was not to far off and he did play woodchoppers ball. Impressed!

Having never experienced these surroundings only added to that surreal moment in time for me while being a witness to one of the best players I have ever seen and i am just a kid. A thrill beyond all thrills having followed his amazing performances in other periods of my life. Two years later would have been another defining moment at Woodstock and another show at the Fillmore East with show opener Doug Kershaw. That one was a nightmare. Doug Kershaw was a cajun fiddle player performing to a crowd screaming “ALVIN !” “ALVIN !” He lasted less that 15 minutes.

While it is a sad time now, he has left a legacy for some that few can ever hope to replicate. I am so grateful to have been at so many shows : RIP Alvin Lee

Wow! Thanks for sharing that! :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

Sad! And it was a routine operation …

Alvin Lee was definitively a guitarist with a recognizable style and a name which will now be written into the history books for good reasons.

oh wow thats sad, his performance at woodstock was legendary.