R.I.P. B.B. King

Nothing more to say.

The Great One has passed.

R.I.P., Mr Blues, you were always an inspiration, to so many :frowning: .

“The Thrill Is Gone” R.I.P. B.B. King.

Wow ,he had a good innings. bye bye B.B.

Sad day,

BB was one of the reasons I first picked up a guitar.

I wonder how many others did the same because of this one man??

Jim B

I once had the pleasure of meeting him and talking with him and some of my bandmates when we were early at an outdoor venue (Toronto’s Forum at Ontario Place, now its the Molson Amphitheater), he came over to us during sound check and introduced himself (like we needed the ID! :laughing: ). Lucille was just inches away in his hands (we all drooled). Back in the 1980s…

Today’s news saddens me greatly. It was the first thing I heard as I climbed out of bed. :frowning:

Respect, and R I P Mr King. :frowning:

Yeah, very sad. Last of the Kings of the Blues. :frowning:

You’d be surprised if he said “Hi, I’m Martha and this is Lucille. It’s a good thing!”? :mrgreen:

Indeed! Or if he’d said “Hi, I’m Ulf, who the hell are you?” :laughing:

He was a totally classy guy, no airs or egotistm… Time steals another one. :cry:

I saw him play three times. The first was two weeks after his first tour of the Soviet Union. He and the band were red hot. The last time he sat while playing, and talked a lot between numbers. Both were great performances albeit very different.

He will be missed.

Wherever you are, Mr. Riley B. King, keep on playing!

Ask yourself, when was the last time the president of the United States of America came up to the stage to jam with you, and came away from the experience as the minor character in the exchange:
In Tribute: Obama’s ‘Duet’ With B.B. King

Eric Clapton says pretty much what we’re all feeling right now.

The album he’s telling you to listen to is “Live At The Regal”.

Saw him live a few times. Great artist!


The Thrill has gone