R.i.p. Cubase 8.5-10.5 and some others

Spectralayers isn’t limited to version 7 in Cubase 11.

so it means in my case, using Neo soul keys, ill have to use the dongle for good ?
(also have other old and newer libraries for halion , GA and loops using E-licenser , i would not want to be dependent on the dongle anymore

:scream: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Hopefully at least content can be more easily updated to the new licensing system. What might happen – pure speculation – is that things like Neo Soul Keys will become part of HALion 7 when it’s released with Steinberg Licensing.

thats fine with me, probably they also wont make VST 3 version of those old instruments based on halion engine( like neo soul, Dark planet. HSO) only as libraries for halion.
hope they make it to the new license

I really liked the old HSO instrument, and although the transition to using it as a HSSE library was troublesome, I’m at peace with it now and am just glad it wasn’t dropped (much underestimated IMO).

If it meant we could keep the old content, I’d be OK with that, but there would be a lot of work involved in bringing old projects into the new environment. So the idea is (hopefully), no new VST3 versions of the old VST2s, but the content available within HALion 7+. Deal?

yes we have a deal ! but im not sure about steinberg though :upside_down_face:
anyway its not the perfect solution , but at least we can use those libraries that we paid for on new projects, and old projects with VST/i 2 compatibility on future cubase updates would be a mess, but we will have to live with that as a all and not only for the new license system !

Ableton, sure. For Live Performance and Electronic Music Production.

Logic Pro? Industry leader? I think that’s spinning a rather tall tale.

The kind in which you randomly pick a products with a longer support cycle and make hilarious claims about their market position…

IMO, it sound terrible and only makes sense to use as a scoring library for Dorico, and even there it’s borderline unusable for anything mildly virtuosic.

IMO, they should make an Elements SKU from Iconica and replace HSO with that.

Neo Soul Keys was a third party library that hasn’t been sold by Steinberg for many years now. When Steinberg has to stop selling something, they still provide technical support for that product for several additional years. I believe this is merely the end of that “extended” support period and not a hint of anything to come, sorry.

If you would like to see a new version of Neo Soul Keys for Halion, I would suggest contacting Gospel Musicians and telling them that you would be interested.

If you just want an electric piano library for Halion, check out Vibrant, which includes more EP models besides the Rhodes Mark I Suitcase.

HSO, Hypnotic Dance, Triebwerk, and Dark Planet are part of the Absolute Collection and will likely continue to be sold for many years as Halion libraries. But the individual plugin versions wont be updated anymore: The plugin versions basically only existed in order to allow users of other DAWs to use these libraries without having to buy the full version of Halion Sonic/Halion. This has not been necessary since Halion Sonic SE Free was released back in 2017.


Stopping support fir Cubase 10 is bad. It makes me think I must go to other DAW.
I even still use 9.5 on my old Mac Pro.
But, this the world “climate”, to get rid of the old clients to get newer.
Well, happy selling. You lost me.

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What is the problem here, your Cubase 10 (or 9.5) is not going to stop working. It will continue to work as usual. It is just that you won’t get any updates anymore for the release.

However, if you believe other software vendors are doing it better, than good luck. There is always a time when they stop support and it is the way the IT world works.


I suppose that by droping CMC support they mean no new updates, but cubase 12 (and 13) will still be able to use them…

My car is five years old.
They stopped building them last year.
My car still works.
I look forward to the new model that can be built, now that the plant is not producing the old model anymore.
I’ll need something better when, in another five or ten years, I can no longer get fuel for the old model.
Until then, with care, my car will continue to work, but it just won’t grow a new sunroof.

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CMC series is working fine in Cubase 12. I have most of them (TP, CH, PD, QC and AI). I really hope they keep working in future versions.

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My car is 7 years old…they still make parts for it, I can still get it serviced, I get notified if there are recalls…that’s called support! Cubase 12 release date was Aug. 2022…that means the end of next year will be the end of service with the new system…about a year and a half or so :wink:


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Did you ignore my whole post from earlier? I think it’s pretty clear that they’re just discontinuing support for older products that used the eLicenser. Nowhere does the announcement say or imply that this is new company policy.

Yes, it just means no more updates, no tech support and they wont be tested with future Cubase versions. I don’t have these controllers, but if support for them ever breaks (years from now), you might still be able to use most of them as generic MIDI remotes.


OK, I’m baffled – how do you arrive at that conclusion? I mean, don’t forget that the community is also here, I’ve personally answered questions about Atari versions (from the '80s) in the past year.

No “they” don’t … you can get parts, but as soon as the OEM stock is exhausted, you’ll be getting parts made by the lowest bidder.

In this analogy, you come to this forum.

As far as I know, there has never been a defect in Cubase that has led to loss of life.
If one is ever discovered, I’d be pretty sure you’d get notified of a recall.

A car recall is security related because it can cost life’s. So you imply that a bug in Cubase is the same?

Where did you get this info from? Cubase 12 was released in March 2022.

Cubase 11 was released in November 2020 and it gets full support. Why should Support for Cubase 12 now end just one year later?

What is your intention to post obviously wrong stuff?

I think they missed a great opportunity to show off.
The should have provided midi-script that provides everything they can do with the old drivers. But they don’t, and one reason is that the new interface API for controllers is not good enough to be a replacement for Steinberg own products that is now have reached EOL. Im sure people will do script for them, but I it wont have the same functionality,
some will do smart innovative new stuff but other part wont work. I dont know when there ware released, but I have had mine for about 10 years and we get a big regression instead of a show-off.