R.I.P. Dave Brubeck


Take Five, Dave… :cry: .


I think when you hear the word “Jazz Standard” they mean Dave. Truly a great musician.

Ashamed to admit it wasn’t until I was listening to obituaries on NPR yesterday that I realized Take 5 referred to the time signature, 5/4.

Then Brubeck (or Paul Desmond, rather) did a good job making music out of that oddity. It should just be music, right? :slight_smile: If we go “WTF?” when we hear a song and start to count to make sense of the songs strange grove or lack of then they screwed up. Kind of like Pink Floyd’s “Money” in 7/8 (and 4/4 during the guitar solo … )which is the most retarded, bumpy, stiff, overly obvious attempt at odd time signatures I’ve ever heard haha.

To bad about Dave Brubeck stepping out of time. I hope he had a great time during the 92 years it lasted! :sunglasses:

He certainly took his 5 out of the pedestrian 4.

And did so in a beautifully simple, natural and elegant way. I played Take Five many, many times and never even had to count :wink: !


RIP Dave, and thanks for your great music