R.I.P. Dick Clark

Aloha guys,

Rock and Roll would not have been the same without him.

Thank you Mr. Clark.

and he always seemed to look the same year after year. :slight_smile:


(Perhaps d.i.c.k. is a not allowed word on this board)

More of my past gone. R.I.P. Mr. Clark

two round thingies with the long thingie seem to have have eliminated that potential problem …

I hope and think mr Clark had a good life! :sunglasses:

RIP D-i-c-k. thanks for years of great memories. :sunglasses:

RIP, D!ck… :neutral_face:

New Years wont be the same. :cry: (Even if I didn’t want to start off 2012 looking at Beiber and Gaga!!)

+1 R.I.P Richard …

For our younger viewers (who apparently are so sensitive we can’t even write the man’s name here), look up “American Bandstand” on YoofTube. One of my personal favourites is the telephone interview with Captain Beefheart … muahahaha.

All joking aside, it’s easily forgotten that such a relatively short time ago, Mr. Clark and his new-fangled tello-vision programs were heavily criticised for allowing black musicians to be seen, and for showing white and black kids dancing together. We think we’re sophisticated and modern these days, but we’re only a brief memory away from a world that would have banned the music we make today and persecuted us all simply for expressing ourselves.