R.I.P. Jim Marshall

Aloha guys,

IMHO Fender amps sounded good but Marshall amps also ‘felt’ good.

Thank you Mr. Marshall.

R.I.P. :cry:

Awesome life and now he dies at 88 :sunglasses:
I’m a proud owner of one of his products … over there in the corner pointing!

Time to crank it up to 11!

Yeah, that product of his really caught on, eh?
Much of the best music I’ve heard has come from those
RIP Jim Marshall.

Maybe Jim will meet up wth Jimi again, together they did ok ‘down here’ :frowning: .


RIP Mr. Marshall.
Music would have sounded very different without you.

I miss my JCM800 even more now :frowning:(((

Funny you should say that, I was recording mine earlier today via an old H&H tape delay with a MD241 off axis and a 57 on axis 4*12 vintage (original greenbacks)… Great I thought, got home and read the news :cry:

It occurred to me earlier today…

Seth Lover - died at age 87.

Leo Fender - died at age 82.

Les Paul - died at age 94.

Jim Marshall - died at age 88.

You think maybe the Big Guy is trying to tell us something?

I loved my 50 watt half stack. Even through a Altair power soak ,it still tourtured my neighbors RIP

Yes, he hates guitar music in heaven… prefers keyboards… :laughing:
RIP Mr. Marshall, your name will live on forever.


You think maybe the Big Guy is trying to tell us something?

Yup. If you work with magnets you’ll live longer! :laughing:

I’ve got a small 8040 amp, my youngest son is using it now.

RIP, Jim…