R.I.P. Joe C*cker.

Just heard the news.

Sad day.

The album ‘Mad Dogs and Englishmen’ opened another musical door for me.

Thanks Joe.

Goodbye, Joe. Thank you.

Whaaa? We were just talking about him the night by chance after seeing the movie “Hatfields and McCoys” … when somehow he reminded me of ‘Old Jim’

One of the greats.
Also best air guitarist of all time.

R.I.P. Joe You were a big part of my past. My past is disappearing way to fast.

Seems like as we (both) get older, more & more people we grew up with are passing doesn’t it John ? :frowning:

R.I.P Joe :frowning:

Yes, it’s the ‘passing parade’, one end disappears 'round the corner whilst a new one appears at the other…

'loved Joe C0cker’s singing, full of feeling, R.I.P. :frowning:

Stupid forum does’nt let me spell the man’s name right, we must obey…

Mauri, you’ve made a grave errrrrrorrrrr…allow me to fix it for ya…

[OT]we must obey[OT]


Good to see you are here Paul Bryce. Yes, we both have the same problem with our past. As I’ve said before we
have “so many yesterdays and so few tomorrows”

Good night Joe… and may god bless.

Regards :sunglasses:

R.I.P. Joe Cocker. Said on Good Morning America this morning, He stole the show at Woodstock. My thoughts exactly.

RIP Joe… :cry:

You were so beautiful…

We’ll miss you !