R.I.P. Joe Sample

R.I.P. Joe.

‘Street Life’

I have no more words. :frowning:

“Unfortunately, in this country, there’s a lot of prejudice against the various forms of music,” Mr. Sample told The Los Angeles Times in 1985. “The jazz people hate the blues, the blues people hate rock, and the rock people hate jazz. But how can anyone hate music? We tend to not hate any form of music, so we blend it all together. And consequently, we’re always finding ourselves in big trouble with everybody."


There is a very under rated album IMAGES with a fantastic track/composition SNOWFLAKES. Sample (as does everyone else) plays beautifully.

Apparently he wrote or arranged over 400 hit songs for other artists! I think ONE DAY I FLY AWAY was one of them.

The weird thing is as I started to post this, I first typed in:
R.I.P., and there before me (because this site remembers)
was the (long) list of R.I.P’s I have typed in over the years.

It made me shed a tear. :frowning:

After that my thoughts went to the keyboard player in Spinal Tap.
At the end of the movie he states his philosophy on life:

‘Have a good time; all the time’.

That sounds really good to me.
Life is like a one nighter gig.
Good, bad, or indifferent, before you know it, it’s over.

And when it is, I’ll be looking forward to the ‘after party’.

RIP Joe… :cry:

I remember he said in an interview for a keyboard magazine in the early 80s that he would never sit down to write if he wasn’t already happy , ie he didn’t write to make himself happy but rather it was an outlet for his happy creativity . That kind of stuck in my mind .

And keep the volume control on the Rhodes on 4 ( not 8 ) and play harder when you want more volume , that way you get more different tones .

Favourite track ; " In All My Wildest Dreams ".

Yeah, really sad he’s gone. I grew up in the Crusaders time and one of my favourites was “Keep that same old feeling” on the “Those southern Knights” record.

RIP Joe…