R.i.P. Pete Seeger

The social conscience of Americana for almost a century.

A man that cared about our land and waters. Clear Water Revival events to save the Hudson River. Saw Pete there many times. RIP Pete. His music will live on.

R.I.P. Pete Seeger - He was among my first music experiences, at the age of three; my parents listened to him. He defied the House Un-American Activities Committee – he was a uniquely American hero.

RIP Pete. Now you can finally re-group with you friends, Woody and Huddie. Your music lives on forever.

Sad to see … He was a primer in my more radical teen years
It seems as these RIP posts are occurring all to frequently.

R.I.P. ‘Claw hand’.

RIP Pete…

Obviously not perfect (no such thing!), but a righteous, and courageous man.

Long life well lived, may you shine somewhere else.

Mauri :frowning: .

Think I’ll honor him by getting his book and learning banjo.


My parents brought all of us kids when I was about 9 years old to a concert he gave during his blacklisted years, which left a lasting impression. I saw the Weavers years later at the Clearwater Festival. He’s an American hero.

Lovely bloke, will be missed

Despite his renown, I always felt he was somewhat overlooked and underrated as a musician. RIP