R.I.P. Peter Banks (Yes)

One of if not my favorite band.

Lots 'o changes in that band over the years but with early Yes,
Peter set the bar very high (and Steve Howe cleared it).

R.I.P. Peter.

Sad! Heart failure at 65.

Yes has proved to be such a creepy band I’m almost reluctant to read about them. Their inner politics seems to be totally the law of the jungle and the only positive thing about them seems to be the name (proposed by Peter Banks …). Since the emergence of the internet I’ve from time to time tried to read about them but I just kind of don’t want to know anymore haha.

Then there are the lyrics of Jon Anderson filled with love, peace and understanding, heavens and pacifism. Then they turn around and bite one another in the throats.

They recorded “Time and a world” with some symphony orchestra with almost no Peter Banks (nor Tony Kaye) and soon afterwards there was Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman. Maybe Peter Banks was the owner of a fragile heart already from then?

I love their music, almost all of it maybe with the exception of the last decade(s?) of reunions and water down recycling. It’s not that it’s bad, though, but it’s just going through the motions and it sounds like music because they’re professional world class artists who changed the way rock music is played to some degree. There are limits on how bad they can sound. But it’s a far cry from the impact they had when they mattered for the evolution of modern music. They’ve done their share so I’m grateful for that. They’re one of the bands I’ve listened to the most through the years, no doubt, so it really hurts my brains to sort of get to know more than I asked for!

yeah, right! Pray away, fûcking backstabbers.

RIP Peter.

I have been a lifelong Yes fan too … also often bemused by the band politics and the rotating door nature of membership.


:frowning: :cry: RIP

Also a huge Yes fan. I think Tormato was the last album I actually enjoyed though. But, it’s always hard to lose people who were part of adding a classification of music.