R.I.P. Peter Bergman (Firesign Theatre)

In the early 70’s I learned (observed) much in the way of
‘Foley’ sounds while listening to these guys.

The way they could ‘isolate’ the sound scape into different
‘sections’ was amazing to me.

Similar to the old style radio shows these guys
were not only funny but they also ‘played’ my
stereo speakers like musicians of that day did.

I still on occasion apply some of those examples to my work.

Those guys would have loved 5.1 surround sound.

R.I.P. Peter Bergman

George Tirebiter is crying somewhere… Porgie and Mudhead too.

RIP Peter. thanks for the laughs all those years ago.

Didn’t realize how old those guys were, although 71 is too young these days. They created some albums not so long ago; last one I heard was Give Me Immortality Or Give Me Death from 1998 or so. Fascinating recording.

Some of those old records are among the funniest ever made :sunglasses: