R.I.P. Robert Zildjian


Certainly had an impact on the music I hear.

I also seem to remember a line of cymbals by a:

'K" and ‘Avedis’ Zildjian

R.I.P. Robert

There was a 10 minute story on TV a few weeks ago about his daughter who runs the company and how no one has ever been layed off despite economic conditions. Seemed to represent a well run and dedicated organization.

Paiste is not an off-shoot of Zildjian, Sabian is.
BTW. It’s ‘Paiste’, not ‘Paistie’ and ‘Zildjian’, not ‘Zilgian’ :smiling_imp:

I don’t think he, or his brother got married. They preferred to stay cymbal.

The name Sabian comes from the two first letters of the names of his three children Sally, Bill and Andy (a nickname for Armand). He also has 8 grandchildren.
Andy is the current president of the company.