R. I. P. Roger Nichols

Surprised nobody mentioned Roger’s passing on April 9th :cry:

Really sad news…

He did GREAT work and will be sadly missed.

My condolences to his friends and family. :frowning:

May he rest in peace.


I didn’t hear it yet…

RIP Roger… :neutral_face:

after nearly a year of medical treatments he and his family were reportedly “all but bankrupt.”

Damn. Our NHS might not be the best but it tends not to bankrupt families. RIP Roger, a man of genius.

Sad news. I corresponded with Roger a bit from time to time ( for awhile there he had his own audio forum, but surprisingly it had sparse attendance). He was very helpful to me.

And, not to start a political debate in a RIP thread, but I agree about the healthcare issue – too many stories here in the USA about successful people financially ruined by a health problem.

R I P Mr Nichols :frowning:

Solid +1 to Doug’s comment on the healthcare issue …
it adds fuller depth to my understanding as …
I give sincere condolences to his family :frowning: :frowning:


McCarthysim has a lot to answer for.

Well, since we’re on the subject anyway…

Some of you may be familiar with Jay Bennett, guitarist/keyboardist who gained quite a bit of notoriety as a member of Alt-Folk band Wilco. Jay was in my brother’s original band way back when and I knew Jay – he lived in my house for awhile. Anyway, due to some “rock star” moves he made while performing, Jay suffered from a bad hip for years. Because it was a “prior condition” he couldn’t get insurance, and he couldn’t afford the $40,000 for the replacement.

So he scrimped and saved for years, and tried to make “deals” with potential doctors, incl various forms of barter, to get the operation. During this time, his pain was so great he had to wear a pain patch just to function.

A reunion of sorts had been scheduled in Champaign for the old band one weekend and my brother flew in for it. I was really looking forward to seeing Jay again and talking to him – he had always been supportive of my music. Alas, Jay bowed out, citing that he didn’t feel good.

My brother flew back on Sunday and that evening I heard/read that Jay had been found dead. My first thought was suicide – Jay did have some demons. But it turned out the freaking pain patch had leaked and he OD’d in his sleep. We were all devastated.

It was that experience that turned my opinion 180 degrees on the healthcare issue.