R U The Gardener? (Mary's Story)

Just finished this one 28/03/15 in time for Easter!

An uplifting trance track for Easter Sunday, based on John 20: 11-16

Mary, Mary, don’t be afraid.
Mary, Mary, why are you weeping?

Mary… Master!
Mary… Teacher!

Equipment used - Cubase & a kitchen sink :smiley:


Hope someone likes it :slight_smile:
Neil B

Yeah, I like it…it doesn’t just jog along doing the same thing for 4 mins like a lot of trance does…you’ve kept it interesting, piano is a nice touch but think it should be a little stronger…

good work, Kevin

Thanks Kevin
I always loved Robert Miles “Children”, so this was an idea to go in that direction, but different. I think the Robert Miles style piano may not have been the right choice as lead, but I think it’s really strong by the end.
Appreciate your input, as I know you’re not the biggest dance music lover :slight_smile:
BTW - I REALLY wanted to get this out ahead of Easter - it’s a very long story - but yours in next on my list - promise.
Been reviewing it this afternoon.
Neil B

I love dance music…just has to be good …that’s all, far too many people think that putting a few loops together constitutes a dance track… :unamused:

best, Kevin

Thanks Kevin,
Must’ve scan-read your initial reply so thanks for saying it stays interesting.
Agree with you about just throwing some loops together - I couldn’t live with myself without a bit of imagination.
The piano wasn’t strong enough, as mentioned previously, or did you mean the whole track wasn’t strong enough.
For me, I was quite pleased because I pushed my (very) limited abilities to mix about 40 tracks (not all at once). with several sections and leading up to (I hoped) a big powerful finish, I had to make some compromises due to my engineering/mixing abilities, or lack of.
Basically, best I could do with what I’d written, with what I know. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the reply and solid comments.

Hi Neil…I just meant that the sound of the piano could be a bit stronger…just the ‘‘sound’’

cheers, Kevin

Nice. The very first thing I thought of was Robert Miles - ‘Children’. I always liked the idea of a melodic piano line set against this kind of backdrop. Very atmospheric and energised at the same time!

Cool stuff! :sunglasses:

THanks Sherz - appreciate it.
I have to admit that I nearly, very nearly, slipped the “Children” riff in for a few seconds… but I behaved :slight_smile:

I may be a bit late to get in on this. One of the synth sounds at the start reminded me of Newsboys-Way Beyond Myself, a track that in a few ways (probably rhythmically) is similar to this one. The solo string sound at about 1.40 sounds like a HALion sample. Even though you dressed it up well with effects, the lipstick still didn’t help the pig haha. I also really missed the vocals on this one.

Altogether I really feel it keeps up with your last track, which I am happily jamming along to on my IPod when it comes up in shuffle!


Thanks Bane. Late replying too - just had another couple of weeks in the mountains.
The strings at 1:40 were me getting to know GPO 4. It’s fair to say that we’re still distant friends :slight_smile:
Glad you “sort of” liked it though. May be the next track will have vocals although now the good weather is back, I may not be so active with the music hobby. Next job is to upgrade Omnisphere & also download Cubase 8.

Pearldivers. Thanks for that. I shall spend many an hour analysing your profound reply! Just kidding :slight_smile: :slight_smile: