Rabbit in headlights - using Cubase for the first time in 17 years!

Hello all,

I’m new to this forum. I have recently purchased and downloaded Cubase Artist and am feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all. I’ve done loads of music production over the years on multi-track recorders and did use Cubase a long time ago, but now I’ve decided to get seriously into music production.

I’d be grateful for any suggestions on where to start in terms of learning the ropes / tutorials. I have put together a short recording using audio tracks, but I’m lost when it comes to using MIDI, VST instruments. I want to use guitar amp plug ins but not sure how to.

I started watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORyv2ifM38E&t=175s but when he loaded up the loops & samples on 2:50 I was lost as I don’t have that in my Cubase. Do you need to purchase those? Are they only on Cubase Pro?

Any help on where to get started would be great. I’m a seasoned musician and producer, but a complete rookie on this software!



Hi Martin,

6 months ago I came back to Cubase after many years (V3, using Score not VST), so I can empathise: it’s quite overwhelming trying to learn it all at once, and personally I have found the manual less helpful than it could be.

Some videos that are useful:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbluesCJP3Y and the rest of Jeff Gibbons’ series. At 6:00 he shows how to add a VST instrument, which you mentioned.

These start with the absolute basics, but there’s always fast-forward!

I’ve found people on this forum are very happy to answer even basic questions, and am gradually learning; mostly through trial and error.

Can anyone else chime in: are the sample packs only in Pro?



I personally went through the manual, making notes of each feature that I found would be useful to me and then googling / youtubing that feature for more info.

It’s rare that you’ll find no youtube tutorial around most features.

Of course, this method is tedious and I’m yet to make it through the entire manual. Another option would be to watch Masterclasses of artists who use Cubase. Frontliner has streamed live on his facebook every day for the last 300 days, using Cubase to work on his tracks. This of course may not be the Genre specific to you, but the techniques and workflow he shares are universal.

I know how you feel too. Though it was easier for me. I have never stopped working with DAWS and I like to see what the other guy is doing. Cubase 10 is the best Cubase yet. I have Pro so not all that is in Pro is in Artist. Because I had very few notions about Cubase it was easier to figure out the terms and how things had changed from my last round with it. It was Cubase SX 3 That was a while ago and I haven’t used Cubase since then until I cross-graded to Cubase 9.5 Pro. It was a bit of a challenge but I am pretty much able to do all the things I need to do. I still find new interesting things in Cubase.

You can have a systematic way of approaching learning it by reading and watching videos. You can concentrate on say recording or MIDI or mixing. It all depends on what you are unsure of how to do. Or you can jump in fully and when you get stuck look up that subject whether with a video or in the manual. This forum is an excellent resource for help and for searching. One thing is Cubase is a very well documented DAW. A lot has been written about it and there are many videos on it.

It will take some work but it is worth it.

I’m a big fan of the Groove 3 training videos which cover a broad range of music topics and are well structured. The most cost effective way to use them is to get an All Access Pass for a couple of months (or more) and binge watch.

Most of the stuff you run into out there will be for the Pro version - just skip what doesn’t apply to you (or use it as an excuse to upgrade). Some folks are helpful in pointing out if a feature is Pro only, others less so. Also Cubase is huge so there are capabilities and features that even very experienced users never use because they aren’t needed in their specific workflow. So don’t let it overwhelm you, focus on what you care about and ignore what you don’t, or don’t care about “right now”.

Also just because you have Cubase 10, don’t ignore videos about older versions of Cubase. In general the basics are constant for many versions back. So while the older materials won’t address the newest features, what they do cover should for the most part still be valid.

Good luck

Just in Case Martin (Jirsak) does not get aware of your post - contact him - he is an incredible source of knowloedge around cubase and I think to remember he is deepler involved in tutorials, etc.