Rack instrument mono outputs?

I’m using Maschine 2.0 and in the rack I activate the extra outputs to use but they are pre activated stereo. I want the extra outputs to be mono. Is there a way to manually create the outputs for the instrument so I can choose them as mono?

I think this is a Maschine question. If it is like Kontakt or most other plug-ins, it reports to Cubase the number of outputs and channels (I.e. 5 stereo or 10 mono or whatever) when it is instantiated. In Kontakt, you can configure exactly how you want the outputs to look.

Yeah the problem I have isn’t with the instrument because in Maschine 2.0 I pan the channel left and right and in the host I set up a mono channels and select the input to be Maschine output 2 L and then Output 2 R which is how I do it in Protools 11 so it doesn’t matter if the instrument is in stereo because I will just pan to the host mono channels but in Cubase its stereo out channels only for instrument mixer channels. I can how ever pan and the send the Cubase instrument stereo channel to a fx or group channels but I lose track count and it’s messy. I want to know if I can set up mono aux channels in the Cubase mixer for instruments. I don’t think I can.