Rack mounting and ventilation


I’ve mounted my new UR824 in the portable rack case I use for live recording. The manual states that the vents on top of the devices must be left free for proper ventilation; but if I must leave them free, how can I rack-mount more units in the same case/rack shelf?

Has someone mounted several of these units (or the UR824 together with other deep devices) without frying them? I live in an area that gets very hot in summer, so there is some concern on this issue.


You will need a taller rack to allow for a space to vent. You can put these in between them:

I see. So, you suggest to worry about heath accumulation. I’ll be careful.


Posting this for anyone who discovers this topic and wants more details:

From ur824_en_gs_a0.pdf:

Do not block the vents. This device has ventilation holes at the top/sides to prevent the internal temperature from becoming too high. In particular, do not place the device on its side or upside down. Inadequate ventilation can result in overheating, possibly causing damage to the device(s), or even fire.