Rack radio buttons or ticks mystery!!

Hi all,

After trashing prefs to solve another issue last week, now I have a mystery when I try to set up the racks in my mix-console?

There used to be a row of radio buttons ( I think they are called ) which showed you which racks you have selected to view in mix-console, but now they are ticks (or checks if you are American!!) and I don’t know why??

I cant locate any preference to put this back to how it was, but I don’t want to go through the trash prefs again unless I have to!!

If this is a subtle change to the programme then so be it, but if it NOT supposed to look like that, then what else is not working correctly within the Cubase Pro programe??

I know it doesnt actually affect the working of Cubase Pro, but I am intrigued as to why this is happening so any input would ne appreciated!!

Thanks and regards,

Jim B

I have ticks just as you do. Changed to ticks from the buttons that are in V9.0.

They’re not radio buttons because radio buttons only allow 1 button to be down at once, like the old radios, hence the name.


Thanks Mike,

I wont worry then :stuck_out_tongue:

Jim B