Rack Tracks = MIDI In+Audio Out.

My request is that each output track of Rack Instruments have both MIDI input and audio output. This would effectively treat each track from rack hosts such as Kontakt or Vienna Ensemble Pro, routed back to Cubase as if each track were its own individual instrument. This would be a great workflow enhancement, neatly compacting the size of large scoring templates and allowing for quick mixing/VST insertion when synced to the mixer. In this case it would be great if the heading track that actually hosts the rack VST act as a type of folder track, neatly housing each MIDI In/Audio Out track, allowing for labeling such as “VEPro Host 1”, “Spitfire WW”, etc. instead of showing up as a meaninglessly generic “Kontakt 5” or “Vienna Ensemble Pro” in the VST Instrument window.

This differs from the function of Instrument tracks, which works effectively for multi-timbral instruments, and still maintains audio / midi separation (except for the main track) for those who prefer to bus groups of instruments from VEPro and Kontakt.

Thanks for listening.
What do you think?