Racks (Called sections in the manual now) always expanding exclusively console

Hello hope somebody can help
Am trying to keep several Racks/Sections open/visible in the mixing console of the latest Nuendo 13 version (Like Inserts and Cue Sends and Sends etc at once), but it always collapses all others if one is expanded - although “Show sections exclusively” is unchecked.
Is this a bug or how to achieve this?
Thank you so much
Kind regards


By default, they open exclusive, if you hold down Ctrl/Cmd modifier. If there is no modifier, they don’t expand exklusively.

Thank you Martin for your answer.
Finally I found the solution - you need to keep “Expands Sections exclusively” checked!!!
Then use the Ctrl modifier key and click on the Sections you want to keep open… rather irrational - isn’t it?
Anyway Thanks a lot and kind regards

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