RACKS Pop-up Menu / MixConsole

Hi all. I am trying to activate de Cues option on the Racks Pop-up menu (as the Operation Manual says), but the Racks Pop-Up always seems to be in a “gray” unavailable mode in the mixConsole. Notice that I already have created the Cue Channel in the VST Connections Studio Tab (F4) Any help will be highly appreciated.

Are you sure it doesn’t just look that way? Everything in Cubase 7 seems to be grey or a shade thereof.

thanks BriHar,
not only the RACKS button is grey; also it does not display any pull-down menu at all (the one that shows the Inserts, EQ, channel strip, Sends, and CUES!) . I have previously created a Cue Channel (in the VST Connections - Studio), in order to get that view in the Control Room. I know a friend that is using Cubase v.7.02 and the RACKS button is working find in that version. I am in v7.03, and my feeling is that this is another bug from this release.

I’m using 7.03 and everything if fine here, so I don’t think it’s an issue of the update being buggy but rather the installation. Many have reported various buggy issues disappearing after a fresh install, so you might try this.