Racks -- various

Various issues with racks – more form than function, but some functional issues. I might have posted some of this in feature requests, but these feel more like “issues” rather than “requests.”

  1. No side-chain is shown on the racks. Not only can side-chain not be accessed from the rack (e.g. compressors), but there’s no indication on the rack that a side chain is in use.

The Racks are a great part of Cubase, but if we can’t open the new Side-Chain feature from the Rack, imho, that makes the Rack less useful. The new Side-Chain feature is excellent, but it really should be part of the Racks and not only available from Channel Settings. At the very least, the Rack should have an indicator that a Side Chain is in use.

If possible, please include Side-Chain access from the Rack Modules that feature Side-Chain input function.

  1. No Folder for FX on Rack. Groups, Input, Output Channels all have their own Folder on the Rack. Please add Folder for FX Tracks to Racks (also need for Inserts and Sends on the Channel Settings screen).

    I hope this helps. Thanks.