Racks visibility on mixer

Is it me or is it C9? I have Cues racks visible on the mix when using control room. I’m done with recording I don’t want to see the cues anymore. I unchecked them but they are coming back. It takes me several clicks until the cues are gone.
Is this normal or this is just my version of C9?

What did you mean when you saying it’s coming back?

If you’re working with Mixconsole’s configuration and you’ve updated or create a configuration with Cues visible, they coming back everytime you recall the configuration. And at this point there’s a small bug, changing the visibility of racks doesn’t marked as changed (the star at the right side of the configuration name), so you have never a chance to update the configuration.

“they are coming back” means when I uncheck them (while I’m in Rack config button) they disappear but as soon as I click anywhere else in the mixer, to get out from “Racks” button they are back.

strange. Here it’s ok.