Radhe Radhe sol - a short demo

Hello friends,

I wanted to share this short version of one of my recent musical arrangements.

I would be grateful if you can listen and give your feedbacks.



lovely ,conjures lots of images .

Thank you Polgara.

Anilnc - this was captivating. How much of this is itb? If so what samples are you using for sitar and flute?
It is great to hear so many different voices blending and excellent job of balancing so many instruments. Really enjoyed this.

Thank aMUSEd, I don’t know what you mean by itb, but the sitar is live and most of the flutes are also live. Only some places the flutist couldn’t play my tune wrll due to pitch limitations in his flute.

Thanks a lot for your compliments. I am happy you liked and enjoyed.

Very interesting piece, yes. The male vocals are good, though not to my taste. The female vocals sound great. Both vocals are recorded and mixed very well though. Everything sounds crisp and clear overall anyway. The soft and raspy sound of words beginning with S etc have just the right amount of attack and clarity. High standard of composing and production, good job.

Thanks Jonathan.

itb = “in the box” (or more precisely “in the computer”) - I saw Halion listed in your signature wanted to know what instrument samples you were using but as you stated it’s real musicians.

:slight_smile: Okayyy!! so, yes the flute, sitar and tabla are real musicians and others are itb (but programmed), but not just Halion sonic. Mostly its SampleTank 3, Kontakt instruments (ninevolts action toms, percussion hits, tarangs, etc) and halion sonic on some keyboards and Fab Four on Bass.

thanks :slight_smile:

Fantastic, I really enjoyed this, even more since you revealed that flute, sitar, and tabla are real musicians. I listened to others in Soundcloud and really appreciated them. I hope you post more pieces.

Thanks early21.

Nice piece…enjoyed the listen,

Yes, same here! Very enjoyable and well performed and produced.


Thank you Shadowfax and HornForHire for your compliments. :slight_smile: