Radical Suggestion

Dear Devs, one of the main problems that people like me (i.e. those who try to get the most realistic playback out of notation) have had over the years is that when exporting MIDI, XML or simply to give a copy of the score (in the notation’s file format) to somebody else, all the keyswitches, MIDI CCs and note displacements get transferred too.

Dorico is in a category of its own in this scenario, because you can edit lengths, starting points, MIDI CCs, etc. without altering the notation. However, keyswitches, even hidden in extra staves, still get transferred along with everything else. Henceforth my suggestion:

A Performance Lane! A special stave with unique clefs for keyswitches and ability to program all the necessary MIDI CCs to control the performance of a given VST instrument. These, when exporting or sending a copy of the file to someone else, can be completely stripped out (i.e. a box that could be ticked Export > MIDI performance Data YES/NO)

I know that in a way this is how things work with Expression Maps (i.e. they are stripped and reassigned according to the program and configuration running it), but this doesn’t remove note adjustments (offsets) or any other hidden MIDI edits. Here’s a short list of the advantages of this method:

1.- Ability to move a score/file from different computers using different VST instruments (e.g. my main PC which has every sample library on the planet and my laptop that just uses Halion).

2.- Ability to export the MIDI to be used in a DAW like Cubase without all the extra necessary MIDI information required by Dorico

3.- Ability to send the Dorico file (created with say VSL libraries) to the client without having the file play havoc on their system using Halion or NotePerformer.

4.- The ability to have a clean score that plays back correctly and realistically. Useful for educational purposes and promotional material (YouTube videos, Dorico Showcases, etc.).

5.- An easier experience editing performance.

6.- Lead Sheets with complete playback

I could go on… I hope you consider this suggestion, which would seem to me that Dorico’s infrastructure is so prepared for this kind of functionality!



Would be nice to have improved control over what exports (separate midi elements only intended for playback from those that are purely musical). That said, this should definitely be an option as I frequently need all the playback midi (often using same VSTs).

That’s it in a nutshell…! It would be so useful…