Radio Luters

Crikey, I’d forgotten about this radio station I have on Soundclick

Some unreal stuff on there by Cubase users past and present. If you think you’re worthy (just kidding), send a Soundclick link and I’ll pop you on the station. Never even knew SC had a “shuffle” option for the station, didn’t used to so that’s a welcome addition :sunglasses:

Great rediscovering old songs: We have Tim (Benign), Uwe (Schroder), Sven, Lenny (Fast n Loose), Wim, Me :blush: , Marcel Ritsema (Mr Groove), Dave S, Peter van de Woestijne, Mark Green, Sherz (of course), Tom (Lander), Dosch, Felix (Bandersnatch), Roger (Painful Companion), John Ward (JSW), some collabs Jet did but none of his tunes bizarrely, maybe he deleted them? etc, etc.

An absolute ton of talent, well worth a listen. Hours of excellent tuneage :sunglasses:


That link crashed my browser.

And what’s THAT supposed to mean??? :smiling_imp:

Woah! :astonished: There’s some vintage stuff here. Some tracks sounding mono I notice? :open_mouth:

You clearly need to upgrade your browser to match the calibre of tunage on offer ! :stuck_out_tongue:

No browser issues here… :question:

Nick, what browser you using? Firefox here. I expected the station to be some kind of media player thing, it is but the Soundclick background also shows for some reason. Odd :neutral_face:

Ian, of course I’m gonna have your songs on me station. Some Black Sands stuff on there. Cool :sunglasses:

^^^ Latest incarnation of Safari.

Browsed around it yesterday. Lots of good stuff on your station. I’m wondering how far back some of it goes. Some of the guys are active currently on this forum, but I think many are not any more?

Yeah, a lot of the guys are still here, a lot more can’t be bothered with this forum anymore for whatever reason.

The station sounds great, lot of top quality songs. Great bunch of guys :sunglasses: