Radio Vocal sound!


I think I remember there was some plugin that could simulate megaphones, radio, telephone lines etc…
Cant really remember what plugin that was, something that popped up in my mind was Antares, and perhaps the mic modeler plug that had this option! Anyone knows?

All the best/ Mattias

Speakerphone2 by Audioease, excellent plugin.

You can also just play around with eq (think there’s a preset called phone) + one of the distortion plug-ins, etc.

Thanks for you replies! Speakerphone was the one I recall :slight_smile:

I use to put some overdrive on the vocal track and add a “phoneline” type of eq curve and it works pretty well as you say, just wanted to play around with other options to see what it can do! :sunglasses:

All the best/ Mattias