Rainbow Waveform Settings

[1] “Remove All Color Handles” doesn’t remove the outermost handles, think this is intentional; but: 2 handles remain on the right (one above the other), while only 1 handle remains on the left. Only 1 handle should remain on each end.
[2] “Apply Color Map” doesn’t assign colors to the two outermost handles; the end colors of the color map should also be applied in order to obtain a continuous color gradient.
[3] Suggestion: Almost all of the existing color maps run from blue to red. If a red to blue gradient is preferred (analogous to visible light), this has to be set manually. It would be helpful if an additional key (e.g. “Shift”) could be activated, in order to reverse the direction of the gradient when selecting a color map.

Rainbow Waveform Settings

Thanks for your report. I agree with all points.

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In 12.0.30

  1. will be fixed

  2. will be fixed by setting the same colors to the first and last handles as the second and before last handles. This allows to “concentrate” the map in a frequency region, as below. If there are less than 4 handles, the map will extend all over.

  3. This will be added:

Thanks alot for [1] and [3], perfect! :+1:
I can’t yet cheer about the solution for [2] :thinking:, although it is already a significant improvement.
I think it would be more intuitive if the entire range, i.e. from the leftmost to the rightmost frequency marker, would always be colored by default. If you only want to apply the Color Map to a certain section, you’d select the corresponding frequency markers. The colors of the other ones remain unchanged.
Incidentally, the option of selecting several frequency markers would also be useful for other functions, e.g. deleting, moving, etc.