Rainy Daze

HD Video http://vimeo.com/20113632

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Quietly playing the lead guitar in my studio with the video camera switched on.


Very nice, Gerry. Very tasteful and such a sweet tone that Hamer has.
I’m wondering about the video. I see that you superimposed the water splashes,
and that was nice, but would you be able to add moving pictures as well?
I’m thinking that more video of interesting imagery with you playing guitar fading
in and out here and there might make this a more artful and enjoyable production, visually.

Thanks Lenny, never really thought about the video side of it at all. Maybe when the weather picks up I’ll go out and do some video footage and try your suggestion. Thanks for that I appreciate it.

Wow, very cool! That is a sweet sound you get…and a nice groove you have there. Might consider the delay return on the lead guitar…just a tad too loud to my ears. Very well done and I think your idea about shooting some outside video for it would really work well.

Very well done!

Thanks Carl much appreciated.

I enjoyed watching you play. Looked and sounded great. :slight_smile:

Yeah… there’s a ton of stuff you could do with the video side of things, but that’s a whole other time-consuming thing! :sunglasses:

Hi Gerry,

Nice playing and sound.
Sounds really relaxed. :sunglasses:

I second Karl’s comment about the delay, it’s maybe a tad too much.


Thanks Sherz glad you enjoyed it :wink:

Thanks Wim you could well both be right and I appreciate the comment, perhaps I’ll do a remix if and when I get round to doing another video.



Enjoyed it very much. As Lenny said very nice tone. Very nice looking guitar.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Many thanks have a good one,