"Raiser" Crash Problem


There is a problem with your plugin named “Raiser”.

Raiser somehow conflicts with the BufferSize setting. While at a high setting (2048-4096) there is no problem, in my setting of 8192 the plugin either does not open or crashes directly. There are already small jumps in the sound image.

I am an RME user. I’m running at a very high BufferSize setting. The same goes for AnyMix. AnyMix crashes directly.

I don’t want to go without adding this. You have made a truly magnificent and flawless add-on. Even if it is used serially, I have never heard of such a transparent plug-in anywhere.

(Note: Since 384 kHz is directly connected to the hardware, the pitch is played up. I hope you can somehow support it with software and pave the way for 384 kHz operation.)

It’s not just raiser, there was a problem with everything right now. Anytime I open up one of Cubase programs it causes a serious issue crash. They’re doing something to mess with the program, everything’s been running great until yesterday.

I guess we can just say that if they fix the bugs, it will be a perfect DAW.

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