Raising and Lowering Entire Volume Envelope

When raising or lowering an entire clip volume envelope (by click-hold between two points, and raising or lowering) I’ve noticed that the db indicator goes away if you’re holding on a sloping segment. The db indicator only appears (I think) if you’re holding on a completely flat horizontal segment while doing the change. But there are times when even that doesn’t show the db indicator. It just says “volume envelope”. Does that mean the segment is not exactly completely flat? (That even though the left point says +1.2 db and the right point says +1.2 db, one or the other is actually slightly more or less? Like +1.21?

I’d like to be able to get some sort of indication of how much I’m changing the whole envelope no matter what the slopes, but it seems with the way it is now, it requires first seeking out a flat segment and then hoping it’s perfectly flat. Is there a way to always have some sort of indication how much is being changed?

Your analysis is correct.
But then, what value should be displayed if there are multiple points?

Yes, that’s a problem. I don’t know. +/- overall change maybe?
But without any indication at all, and wanting to raise exactly 0.2, I’m left in the dark.

I guess a keyboard entry where you can input a relative dB value, would be best.
I note the idea.

Thank you PG. Just a display of a relative value would be better for us, even if not exactly exact, without having to leave the mouse. Since the mouse is how we’re used to adjusting the envelopes.
But if you think keyboard would be better we could work with that.
I guess my point is, we don’t need higher accuracy than is already in the mouse db level control, but we would like to have at least some kind of display of how much is being changed under the circumstances I’ve described.
Thanks again.