Raising gain with mousewheel

Hi you all,
I am struggeling a bit with the gain section of wavelab elements. I am searching if i can raise the gain of a selected clip, or the whole file with my mouse wheel or is there another Quick way to raise the gain, like a gain knob or something like that. Feels like i am overlooking something, but i Just cant find It. Any ideas? Thanks!

I don’t know all the limitations of Elements but in Pro you can use SHFIT and the plus or minus symbol in the numeric keypad to nudge the clip gain up or down, and in the settings, you can define what that value is.

Or, you can simple click on the rase the clip gain envelope.

Later I’ll be on my laptop with Elements to check further.

Ah, it seems that Elements doesn’t have the option to nudge clip levels like Pro does, but you can grab the clip gain envelope pretty easily.