Raising the velocity on several MIDI notes

Gday all.

As the title suggest I have a noob question about MIDI notes. Say I want to raise the velocity on a MIDI note (Hi Hat for example) and then apply that to all the Hi Hat MIDI notes on D3 in that song, how do I go about that, other than raising each note separately. I assume there is a way?


If you can select the notes you want to change with lasso then you can edit velocity for all of them in the info line. The value will remain relative to current velocity unless you hold control and it will snap all notes to fixed velocity.

Cheers Grim, but I must be missing something, lasso tool? where the hell is that thing?..

Just left click, hold and surround the notes to select them.

Thanks Grim.

Appreciate your help mate and not making me feel like an idiot which can happen on forums.


If you want to select all the notes on D3, hold down the Ctrl key and click the D3 in the piano roll on the left. This will select all and any notes assigned to D3.

Then, you can change all their relative velocities by mouse wheeling over the Velocity setting in the info pane. If you want to make all their velocities the same, hold down Ctrl. while moving the mouse wheel. This will make all the notes have the same velocity.