Rall lines and Rehearsal marks


This is what I spend about 30% of my engraving-tweaking time on, and I’d like to put it out there for comments. Maybe there’s an elegant solution, or if not, it can maybe be looked at for a solution of a future release?

I have a ritenuto/rallentando with a dashed line which extends to the bar-line. At the bar-line, as is often the case after a multi-bar rallentando, is a rehearsal mark. Engraving-wise, the rallentando line pushes the rehearsal mark out of the way (up), and the pushed-out rehearsal mark subsequently pushes the staff spacing up. I then manually correct this in engraving mode, by shortening the rall line, then bringing the rehearsal mark down again, and then bring the staff spacing back to normal. I have to do this for most rallentandi, and for every part. It’s a lot of (repetitive) work. The problem also applies to the tempo marking immediately after the rehearsal mark (again: as is often the case). There’s a few engraving options for rehearsal marks, but I don’t think any of them solves this.

Apart from not using dashed lines at all (a real shame), another fix is to extend the rall bar not to the bar-line, but e.g. to the bar line minus one or two crotches. This sort of works, though it’s mildly fiddly, and not very elegant (e.g affects play-back ,though in a rather subtle way).

Happy for someone to tell me I’m doing it all wrong (I have no pride left…)
Annotation 2019-12-22 200545.png

I don’t think you’re doing it all wrong. At the moment the options provided by Dorico don’t allow you to have a gradual tempo, a rehearsal mark and a further tempo mark automatically aligned at the same vertical position. In the New Year I’ll discuss this with the team and see how feasible we think it might be to extend the current options such that this behaviour can be accommodated.

Thanks Daniel,

Have a great Xmas!