Rallyboy - Somewhere Faraway (+ others)

Thought i’d let you hear something i’m currently putting together… just need to borrow a keyboard to do a bit of melody on the middle section.

The very beginning is from a 4-track version i did 25 yrs ago!
The morse code is the track title, converted, and tuned.


Here’s another few i’ve done a while ago, that i’d like to revisit… are they ever “finished” when they’re your own?!!


Thanks for listening and any comments welcome, good or bad 8).

If any professional would like to master the lot for me that would be good!

I’m sssssttttiiillllll using Cubase 5
UAD-2 Solo with various purchased plugs.
TC Elec Konnect
Steinberg UR242
Rode NT2000
Epiphone 339 Pro, Rickenbacker 330, Yamaha SGV, Line 6 Variax 700, Telecaster
Alesis DM6 and EZ Drummer 1 or 2
Squire P-bass

All done under a set of AKG 712’s or Beyer DT150’s.

Well, what a surprise! Love your guitar sounds! You created a wonderful mix, to my ears; punchy and live-sounding. Keep going!

Thanks for listening :slight_smile: