RAM in Cubase 13

I’m unclear as to how Cubase 13 deals with memory allocation and how best to free-up memory in my large template.

My fully-loaded template currently has 33 Rack VST instruments (mostly Kontakt 7), and 82 Track VSTs (mix of K7, various synths, etc).

I’ve recently moved from Digital Performer, and VI’s in DP ONLY used RAM IF the VIs (e.g. Kontakt) were enabeld. When disabled VST libraries didn’t use up RAM in DP. It seems that in Cubase (to allow for faster operation), all the loaded VSTs DO use the RAM, whether or not they’re enabled. So am I correct about the following operations?

(1) Disabling VST Track instrument TRACKS - DOES free up the RAM in Cubase
(2) Disabling VST plugin (in VSTi Track OR Rack instrs) - DOES NOT free up RAM.

Since I’m using a lot of VST Racks, then am I correct that the only way to free up RAM from VST Rack instruments is to “Purge Samples” within say the Kontakt instance itself?


Hi… Not knowing a great deal about your rig, I would suggest loading up on as much ram as you can get. I installed 64 gb and I never think about RAM anymore. I know this does not address your question directly so apologies if this is unhelpful

I’ll second that suggestion. RAM isn’t that expensive in the big scheme of things, and that extra expense to load up on RAM will pay for itself many times over when you can focus on writing music instead of resource management.

A small price to pay for creativity.

Thanks guys. I’m on a Mac Studio M2 Ultra and have maxed-out my RAM with 192GB. Can’t put any more in it! :)…

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You can’t disable Racks to the same effect as Tracks (ready to switch yet?).
There is a way though, you can freeze it if you have at minimum, an empty midi part on a midi track connected to the Rack in question, then it will be removed from memory.

Edit: To address your question about purging, that doesn’t remove the preload, which is not insignificant (but adjustable at the cost of increased disk streaming, use trial and error to strike a balance that works for you) and adds up across all those instances of Kontakt if they’re loaded with multiple articulation patches.