Ram or Cpu?

Hello mates.
I’ve been making tunes on cubase 5 recently and the problem I got 2 weeks ago is that the asio time is always overloading due to the amount of effects and vsts (15 tracks with NI Massive) im using. When it does, the sound starts to crackle and not all instruments play.
I dont want to feel the need to convert the midi tracks to audio because that messes with my creative process while im making tunes so i’m asking:
what should I buy? More ram or cpu?

My system specifications:
CPU: Intel® Core™2 CPU 6420 @ 2.13GHz
Ram: 2GB

From the looks of your current specs you might need both for getting into more complex projects.

A quad core and 8GB RAM with a 64-bit OS is pretty much the norm anymore.

Have you tried to raise the buffer/latency of your soundcard to get a little more breathing room on the projects that are currently maxing out?

And what is your soundcard/interface? Quality devices with properly written ASIO drivers are highly recommended.

I use ASIO4ALL. I’ve tried to raise the latency but I still get that problem. What would you recommend buying (id prefer cheap stuff as i cant waste much money)

If I were in your situation I would spend whatever money I had on a dedicated external soundcard with a properly written ASIO driver. Even if you are only using MIDI you will see benefits. And it’s something you are going to need at some point anyway. Decent lower end USB2.0 interfaces can be had for around $100-$150USD.

Unfortunately, the DAW world is not inexpensive :frowning: . However, it is amazing what can be done nowadays with just a laptop, Cubase, and a lot of creativity.

That creativity part comes into play big time when working with limited spec gear.

You are either going to have to make adjustments to your workflow or update/upgrade your machine to handle what you are looking to throw at it.