RAM unload faster - song change and leaving cubase

I got a pretty decent machine with lots of fast ram. All is running perfect. But …
When i leave a song to change to another song or i want to quit cubase then i got to wait a long time until cubase has unloaded the ram. There should be possibilities in programming to unload the ram in one step. Are there any suggestions or is that a problem of cubase ?

Never heard of this problem. Since ‘pretty decent’ is subjective, describing your machine more specifically will be more helpful. But again, I’ve never heard of Cubase ‘unloading the ram’. You might want to go into Studio - Studio setup and check your advanced settings; read up on that and see if there is something that could be adjusted there. I just don’t believe that Cubase works that way and I’ve been using it for over 25 years. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your answer.
My machine: 12900K. 64GB DDR5 6000, 2x 2TB M.2 980 pro
When i open a project with 24GB in ram and close without saving then cubase saying “unloading channels”. Every instrument is unloaded partly. When i return to the hub window ram is still not unloaded and i cant quit cubase cause its working still on unloading ram. You can see that in task manager where the occupied ram decreases from second to second.

Do you work on very large projects?

Cubase is not alone in this. I use VEGAS and it once took so long to unload it’s RAM (over five minutes and still had 15 gigabytes to go!) that I just killed the process. Games are often like it, too.
I only noticed because I have different video colour profiles (keyed to different applications) set up on my machine, and they sometimes take a while to switch back and forth.