RAM Usage/RAM offload delay

This might be a very niche problem I have here, but I hope someone else has thought of this as well. Wonder if there’s solution to this issue, maybe in Cubase or in Operating system level:

So I’m working on a bigger sound design project. The main project involves some 36GB of sampled instruments. I work from SSD hard drives, but still the loading times of that project is quite significant. I - in retrospect stupidly - decided to save new versions of that project whenever I made bigger changes to the composition.

I find myself where I have to close down the project and open up a different one. When I close the project Windows 11 unloads the RAM quite rapidly of that 36gb of sample based instruments and starts to load them up again taking huge amounts of time. Since the project versions share 99% of the instruments used I was thinking is there a way to delay the RAM unload or disable it altogether? Since I only close the project, not Cubase.

I hope I was clear enough for you guys to understand what I mean.

I understand what you are asking for.
Have you tried having both projects open? (Only one project can be “active” at a time in Cubase.)
I don’t know if it makes a difference, but worth a try perhaps.