Recently I upgraded my DAW to an i7 3770, 16gb ram.

I use Gplayer (gigastudio libraries) and Miroslav primarily with some occasional Omnisphere and Stylus RMX.

My question is: Is 16gb suffiecient or shall I spend the 90 bucks and purchase more ram to max out at 32gb.

I’m asking because I’ve learned that it’s good to buy your ram while it’s popular because it’s cheaper. What I seem to have found is the older it becomes the more expensive. So my older system never got upgraded on memory. I figure, if I’m going to do it, it might be now.

But if folks here say 16gb is fully sufficient for a small orchestra, then I suppose I’ll just stick with 16. I was for a long time using 3 (xp32) so I think the 16gb is a pretty strong plus :slight_smile:

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

The simple thing to do would be to monitor how much memory you use during a project.

Also what O/S version do you use? not all versions of windows 7 support 32gigs?

I’m now using W8 64bit pro. How do I monitor the ram? Is it a Cubase meter or a Windows?

Windows Task Manager

Thanks Split. As soon as I get my instruments setup and loaded, I’ll look at the ram in the task manager.